Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

I’m an adaptable, imaginative Animation and Special Effects graduate, specialising in desktop publishing of promotional and technical documents for print and web. I’ve worked in marketing, website maintenance, technical illustration and publication layout for regulatory bodies, training organisations and technical committees in the UK heating and building industries, and undertake freelance illustrative and creative work, from branding to digital portraiture.

I draw and exhibit cartoons, including lovestruck aliens ‘Creature & Animal‘, at comicons around the UK. Click here for Creature & Animal!

In 2008 I created the not-for-profit no-budget Star Trek/Star Wars fan film “A Tale of Two Galaxies” just to show what could be done with a lot of imagination and a bit of artistic & creative skill, details of which you can find by clicking here.

I’m skilled in Adobe software and interested in all aspects of media production including television and film, from storyboarding to set design.

Bespoke digital illustration, portraits, graphic design, promotional and desktop publishing projects considered on a freelance basis. Welcoming projects from anywhere in the world.