Certificates & Signage


I have produced a number of signs for internal and external use, such as banners and solid perspex wall-mounted placards and posters, from office door signs to promotional posters and price lists, even gazebos! Contact me for more information.


I’ve produced dozens of certificates (and suites of certificates such as that below) for external training, internal training, various certification schemes, exhibitions and courses. This includes coordinating with printers from concept to delivery and setting up Word template files so admin staff can populate them easily with relevant recipient information.  I can arrange holograms, embossment die-stamped pressings, and my print contacts have a number of other security features at their disposal.  Because of course certificates by their very nature are sensitive, I can’t reproduce them here, but I have a wide variety in my print portfolio. Contact me for more information.certifiicatefan1

To find out more about HETAS and the UK solid fuel industry please visit their website at www.hetas.co.uk.