Buzzard Ultimate Upgrade Kit

Buzzard Ultimate Upgrade kit – New stickers for Buzzard! High quality pre-cut gloss stickers. Only Available here. Complete vector redraw of all original Buzzard stickers – plus new ones!

  • You get – Minty, better-fitting redraws of the original Buzzard sticker sheet PLUS replacement Venom logos x4 (these were preplaced on the original toy and not available on regular repro sheets), THREE new control panels for EACH of the side pods, new tech detail stickers x 2, and glossy vinyl red sparkly eyes for your drone. The best stickers for Buzzard, ever!

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I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

Drone eyes first! 🙂 These are adhesive-backed holographic vinyl to give him a twinkle. Use a bit of sellotape to hold down the helmet so it is out of the way whilst you place them.

You have extra stickers for the hang glider as I wasn’t happy with the colour so had them reprinted. Suggest you use the faded ones for practise!

BE really careful releasing sticker 11 from the backing sheet! It tears easily because of all the angles on it!
I suggest leaving it until last, and peel off the waste bit around it first, then finally release it from the backing paper.

Ebay link

Buy direct from me

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I hope you like my Buzzard Ultimate Upgrade Kit! Thanks for supporting my MASK art!

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