Main Characters

Philip Davis as Commander Hendu Lo’omis


The Trill homeworld is a relatively new addition to the Federation and one of the first Joined Starfleet Officers is Commander Loomis. Hendu is the Lo’omis symbiont’s fifth host. After excelling in his academy training, Hendu returned to the Symbiosis commission on Trill and became an initiate for Joining. During his time at the commission, he befriended another young initiate named Curzon. Curzon narrowly beat Hendu to the Dax symbiote, and joined the Federation diplomatic corps as a junior administrator. Hendu received the Lo’omis Symbiote, and returned to Starfleet. He became one of the fastest promoted officers in Starfleet history earning promotion from Lieutenant to Commander in record time. As a Lieutenant Commander, he saved dozens of his crewmates lives when his quick thinking, and a modified tricorder, located shelter for the crew of the Starship Reliant when they were marooned on Ceti Alpha V by Khan Singh. He later proved himself an excellent officer in combat and when he took command of the USS Yorktown after his Captain and First Officer were injured, Loomis destroyed the Gorn ship that had attacked them. A natural explorer and leader, he is thrown into the deep end on his first day as First Officer of the USS Hood.

Danielle Grenier as Lieutenant Saleya


Born of an unusual bonding between Vulcan father and Betazoid mother, Salaya brings her cool Vulcan logic and steady nerves together with her Betazoid intuition and empathy to her role as Hoods comms officer. Growing up, she was not happy on either Vulcan or Betazed so opted to join Starfleet academy where she first befriended a young Hendu Lo’omis. She kept Lo’omis updated with stories of her missions whilst he studied on Trill. She soon proved an invaluable officer and was hand picked from a long list by Captain Dodge to be the smooth voice of the USS Hood.

Alexander Harrison as Deputy Director Hastings


Posing as a Starfleet Observer, Deputy Director Hastings is in fact from a branch of Starfleet Intelligence that answers to no-one. Although his purpose there is shrouded in mystery, Hastings is forced to confide in the crew of the USS Hood when things take a turn for the worse.

Rob Owens as Master Jin To-nik


One of the few remaining Jedi Knights, Master To’nik is pledged to defend peace in the Galaxy. After sensing a grave disturbance in the Force, he and his trusty droid R5 head for the Tion Cluster on the edge of Sith Space.

Robert Lloyd as Lt Ron Helmsman


Despite his name, growing up on Earth young Ron wasn’t at all sure what path to follow and so he took piloting lessons. Excelling, and after his mum agreed, he joined Starfleet Academy and became one of the most celebrated starship helmsmen in the fleet. It was the best day of his, and his mother’s life, when he was promoted to chief Helmsman of the USS Hood.

Lisa Everett as Lieutenant Belinda Hooper


An outstanding astrophysicist, exploring the science of the final frontier is what drives Lt Hooper. She is in charge of the Hood’s laboratories and has her work cut out cataloguing new elements when the USS Hood is thrown into another galaxy!

Jim Rathbone as Darth Vadar


This Dark Lord of the Sith requires no introduction. Well on his way to exterminating the Jedi once and for all, Vader has set his sites on he invasion of another galaxy…

Stu Lucas as General Karloth


A ruthless military tactician and proven combat officer, General Karloth has emerged victorious from multiple battles, many of them with Starfleet. Although he is still deeply mistrustful of the Federation, he is wise enough to know honour when he sees it, and believes the new peace is in the best interests of the Empire and should be given a chance.

Keith Dennis as Quo’mas

Quo’mas is the eagle-eyed and ferocious warrior Karloth expects from his first officer and helmsman. A battle–honed soldier, Quo’mas does not trust the Federation either, and longs for battle. He, like most Klingons, despises Tribbles. With great sadness I have to report that we lost Keith in the summer of 2021.  He was really a gentle, genuine, lovely guy.  Sto’Vo’Kor welcomes a true hero of the Empire.

Allan Durward as Na’alla

A bloodthirsty warrior, Na’lla attends to his duties aboard the Klingon bridge with the minimum of fuss. He moves on from one victory to another, always in pursuit of greater glory. It is this efficiency that has earned him his place as Karloth’s tactical officer.

Rizla the Cat as Grishnar Cat!


Rizla Kittypants was our one-year old Tribble-Predator. Horrified at being featured in a Star Trek fan film, he left in disgust and hasn’t been seen since.

In 2007 when we made the movie there was a 15 minute upload maximum on Youtube forcing us to break the movie into four parts, although it’s only about 35 minutes long. The Youtube version of the movie has been stripped of some of the sound at time of writing because of recent changes to CBS’s attitude toward fan movies – basically we misunderstood the fair usage rights and although all the video is totally original, we had neither the time or expertise to compose an original score. I’ve complained about this, because this was a not-for-profit fan tribute just to show what we could do, and I’ve NEVER monetised it, but the Internet Gods don’t want to know. At time of writing the Dailymotion version of the film hasn’t been affected, and is in one part and higher quality, so this is the best place to watch it.

Watch ‘A Tale of Two Galaxies’ on Youtube now! – click here

Watch ‘A Tale of Two Galaxies’ on Dailymotion now! (higher quality) – click here

PS – Being a one-off, half hour movie with original characters, ATOTG does subscribe to virtually every one of CBS’s new fan-film guidelines, even if it is by chance. If you work for CBS and Paramount, rather than get the hump over my movie, why not offer me a job?