Fan & MASK Art

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Quick Links for my MASK Upgrade Kits – Highly technical bespoke (and beautiful) better-than-new gloss or chrome upgrade kits for the much-loved 1980’s MASK toyline –

Click here for ‘Balance of Power’  kits for Pit Stop Catapult and Billboard Blast

Click here for Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade pack!

Click here for Goliath Ultimate Upgrade Pack (Chromium Edition) 

Click here for Jackhammer Ultimate Upgrade Pack (Chromium Edition)

Click here for Thunder Hawk Ultimate Upgrade Kit

Click here for Outlaw Ultimate Upgrade Kit

I usually draw entirely original stuff these days, but occasionally it’s nice to draw something more folk might recognise! Here’s a recent drawing of Transformer Autobots Silverbolt and the Aerialbots, in the form of massive Combiner Superion!