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Welcome to the index page for my MASK Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kits. Please see the other dropdowns in this menu for a wide range of my work.

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Quick Links for my MASK Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kits – Highly technical bespoke (and beautiful) better-than-new gloss or chrome upgrade kits for the much-loved 1980’s MASK toyline –

And now some non-Mask stuff – further proof that I take requests!

You can contact me by email, my facebook page, or the MASK facebook group here if you have any questions or feedback. I’d love to know what you think! Also you can now follow me on instagram! interview! In early 2021 I was honoured to be interviewed about my artwork by the wonderful Rob Grigani of! Here it is! Be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel for the latest in-depth insights into the wonderful world of our MASK community!

SPECIAL NOTE SPRING 2021. Due to unscrupulous activities by certain people, poor quality scans of my work have made it into the public domain, and images from my website and ebay have been stolen. I ONLY SELL DIRECT TO CUSTOMER OR THROUGH EBAY and enjoy a 100% positive feedback profile, however a number of fake listings have sprung up on the internet and if you try and buy from anyone but me you will probably just get ripped off. In the unlikely event you get anything it will be a crappy, substandard scan. All my kits are drawn by me and are, pin-sharp, high res vector graphics that are much sharper and clearer than the originals and only I wholly own, print and cut the original artwork. I created these sticker kits to offer the MASK community a choice between standard repros and a high-quality, premium product custom sticker replacements. Stop theft. Please boycott these fake listings and only buy the Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kits from me to avoid disappointment. Many thanks and best wishes – Phil