Jackhammer Ultimate Upgrade Stickers – Chromium Edition

MASK Jackhammer Ultimate Upgrade Kit – Chromium Edition

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Cliff Dagger’s tough 80’s Ford Bronco gets a full exterior and interior upgrade! VENOM are on the rise!

MASK Jackhammer Chromium Ultimate Upgrade stickers! straitjacketproductions.com

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What you get –

  • 40 Custom drawn, professionally printed and pre-cut chromium stickers for your Jackhammer to make it POP! Full coherent instructions on this page! 

This is a full replacement and upgrade set, I’ve redrawn every original sticker and added loads more in pin-sharp quality and beautiful bright colours, adding enough in-jokes and fan service to make even Bruno Shepherd snort with delight. Inside and out, and in either mode, your Jackhammer is completely upgraded. What’s more, this kit is professionally printed on stunning reflective quality chrome paper and looks amazing. The stickers are already cut out and are ready to go. You’re going to love it!

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Link to this product in my own online store

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They’re numbered, and full instructions are below. Please read this web page before attempting to place your stickers.


I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

First, remove the tired 30-year old stickers off your Jackhammer. You can clean any residual goo off with Zippo lighter fuel.  If you decide to remove them later, they won’t damage the toy. The biggest pain is the dashboard, but needs must!

I hope you agree these new interior stickers are fab!

I decided since Cliff’s ‘Torch’ mask has a propensity for setting things on fire, it might be an idea if Jackhammer were fitted with a fire hose! (25)

Since VENOM are baddies, they might need some tools to break into bank vaults and such. So Jackhammer now comes with – a Jackhammer! (14)

A smart new turret control panel so Cliff can take pot-shots at Condor!

Youtube Video here

Link to this product in my own online store

Ebay link here

Finally, this is a black toy, so just like the Outlaw stickers, I suggest outlining them in a black pen to get rid of any unwanted white edges. I find using a black whiteboard marker and quickly rubbing away any extra with tissue works great.

Thanks for supporting my MASK art and contribution to the MASK community!

Do you have suggestions for other kits I should make?

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I welcome your feedback. If you think my instructions look like Lester wrote them, let me know and I’ll try and improve them.