Cushions – ‘MASK in Neon’

MASK Cushions! Artwork by Grebesworth! You can now choose ANY M.A.S.K vehicle from my ‘MASK in Neon’ Collection of drawings and have it on a cushion! The perfect addition to any toy room or man cave! Awesome 46cm x 46cm 100% cotton cushions made to order! Choose ANY MASK vehicle! Click on any of the images below to take you to the marketplace to buy. International delivery available, just contact me directly if your country isn’t listed!

Or just head to my partner website HERE to see ALL the cushions and T-shirts featuring my artwork in one place! If you like my MASK drawings you can have ALL OF THEM in one place by buying my epic ‘MASK in Neon’ A1 wall art! Limited to 125 peices globally! Check it out here!

NOTE – March 2023. Unfortunately the company have told me they are unable to ship cushions to the USA due to prohibitive shipping costs as they are a bulky item. As such if you are in the US and would like to buy any of the cushions please contact me directly and I will buy them for you and send them on to you myself. Economy shipping to the USA would be about £10 per cushion.

Thunder Hawk Cushion Thunder Hawk
Switchblade Cushion Switchblade
Razorback Cushion Razorback
Boulder Hill Cushion Boulder Hill
Rhino Cushion Rhino
Hurricane Cushion Hurricane
Bulldog Bulldoze Cushion Bulldog / Bulldoze
Jackhammer Cushion Jackhammer
Stinger Scorpion CushionStinger / Scorpion
Manta Cushion Manta
Wolfbeast Cushion Wolfbeast
Bullet Bandit Cushion Bullet / Bandit
Firecracker cushion Firecracker
Detonator Cushion Detonator
Dynamo Cushion Dynamo
Fireforce Cushion Fireforce
Skybolt Cushion Skybolt
Wildcat Cushion Wildcat
Raven Cushion Raven
Firefly Cushion Firefly
Slingshot Cushion Slingshot
Jackal Barracuda Cushion Jackal / Barracuda
Vandal Cushion Vandal
Outlaw Cushion Outlaw
Pit Stop Catapult Cushion Pit Stop Catapult
Volcano Cushion Volcano
Shark Cushion Shark
Piranha Cushion Piranha
Stiletto Cushion Stiletto
Goliath 1 Cushion Goliath 1
Goliath 2 Cushion Goliath 2
Goliath Together Cushion Goliath together
Hornet Cushion Hornet
Ratfang Cushion Ratfang
Laser Command Cushion Hornet and Ratfang together (Laser Command)
Collector Cushion The Collector
Vampire Cushion Vampire
Meteor Cushion Meteor
Afterburner Cushion Afterburner
Buzzard Cushion Buzzard
Condor Cushion Condor
Iguana Cushion Iguana
Gator Cushion Gator
Billboard Blast Cushion Billboard Blast

Or just head to my partner website HERE to see ALL the cushions and T-shirts featuring my artwork in one place!

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MASK Cushions! Artwork by Grebesworth