Directed by Philip Davis & Jim Rathbone

Written and Produced by Philip Davis

Edited byJim Rathbone

Modelling and Animation by Philip Davis and Rob Owens


Commander Hendu Lo’omis – Philip Davis
Lieutenant Salaya – Danielle Grenier
Deputy Director John Hastings – Alexander Harrison
Master Jin To´nic, Jedi Knight – Rob Owens
Lieutenant Ron Helmsman – Rob Lloyd
Lieutenant Belinda Hooper – Lisa Everett
Darth Vader – Jim Rathbone
And Rizla Kittypants as the Grishnar Cat

With Very Special Guests

Stu Lucas as General Karloth

Keith Dennis as Quo’ mas

Alan Durward as Na’ alla


Cameras – Jim Rathbone
Lighting – Jim Rathbone and Philip Davis

Sets Designed and Constructed by – Philip Davis
Audio Editing – Jim Rathbone
Sound Effects sourced by Philip Davis, Rob Owens & Jim Rathbone
Compositing – Jim Rathbone
VFX Star Trek Models – Philip Davis
VFX Star Wars Models – Robert Owens
VFX Animations – Philip Davis and Robert Owens
After Effects Magic – Jim Rathbone and Robert Owens
Flash Animations – Rob Owens
Post Production Treatments – Jim Rathbone
Stunts and Pyrotechnics – Rob Lloyd, Danielle Grenier, Philip Davis,
Props – Philip Davis
Starfleet and Jedi hair and makeup – Danielle Grenier and Lisa Everett
Klingon Costumes and makeup – Stu Lucas
Starfleet Uniforms, Jedi and Section 31 Costumes – Rob Owens and Philip Davis
Boom operator – everyone, more or less!
Tribble Wrangler – Danielle Grenier
Website design and content – Philip Davis
Music – Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams

Executive Producer – Philip Davis

Thanks to Christopher Davis for the loan of the smoke machine. Special thanks to Danielle Grenier, Lisa Everett, Stu Lucas, Keith Dennis, Alan Durward, Sheer Good Luck and in particular George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry for letting us swim in their ponds.

‘Star Trek’ created by Gene Roddenberry & ‘Star Wars’ created by George Lucas. Thank you for letting us play in your parks, swim in your ponds and swing from your chandeliers.
This is a fan made feature. The material featured in this film is in no way meant to infringe on any copyrights, but is meant as a dedication to the work or works that are featured in the film or based on. This film is in no way meant to be used for profit-making purposes and should not be used as such. This video is a non-profit work for entertainment purposes only and should remain as such.

In 2007 when we made the movie there was a 15 minute upload maximum on Youtube forcing us to break the movie into four parts, although it’s only about 35 minutes long. The Youtube version of the movie has been stripped of some of the sound at time of writing because of recent changes to CBS’s attitude toward fan movies – basically we misunderstood the fair usage rights and although all the video is totally original, we had neither the time or expertise to compose an original score. I’ve complained about this, because this was a not-for-profit fan tribute just to show what we could do, and I’ve NEVER monetised it, but the Internet Gods don’t want to know. At time of writing the Dailymotion version of the film hasn’t been affected, and is in one part and higher quality, so this is the best place to watch it.

Watch ‘A Tale of Two Galaxies’ on Youtube now! – click here

Watch ‘A Tale of Two Galaxies’ on Dailymotion now! (higher quality) – click here

PS – Being a one-off, half hour movie with original characters, ATOTG does subscribe to virtually every one of CBS’s new fan-film guidelines, even if it is by chance. If you work for CBS and Paramount, rather than get the hump over my movie, why not offer me a job?