MASK Outlaw Ultimate Upgrade Project

With FREE Manta upgrade kit!

Venom always got hard done by. They’re outnumbered, and every dastardly plan Miles comes up with is thwarted by Matt who happens to be on a philanthropic mission to that exact place in the world, every single time. What are the chances? VENOM need to remain mobile, and to fulfill that need for a base along came the MIGHTY Outlaw.

So you own an Outlaw? You’re so lucky. In my view the best toy in the line. (Sorry, Rhino fans!). I’ve cherished my Outlaw for more than 30 years. But like Boulder Hill it seemed slightly lacking in decals.

MASK also had Boulder Hill as their secret headquarters, and you’re aware I’ve produced a sticker upgrade kit for that station. I really appreciate the support of those of you that have chosen to buy one.

So now I’ve done the same for Outlaw.

This is the culmination of almost a year’s work around a busy job and a young family. I set about with the mission to properly upgrade Outlaw, and equip it with everything a good baddy base might need, whilst not going crazy and keeping to the original 80’s look of the vehicle and equipment. Gotta love those reel-to-reel computers!

It answers questions like –

What do the VENOM team do to relax?

How do they get up and down to that operations platform?

How do they build and load the GIGANTIC Poison Pod shells into that huge cannon?

Where do they charge their masks?

And many more…

Please note I sell an internal Outlaw kit, an external Outlaw kit, and them both together. The reason I do this is because I did the external-only kit first (which you cut out yourself ) and quite a few people bought them already, so they may not want to buy them again. Thus you can buy separately or together.

Ebay Link – Just INTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – Just EXTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Stickers – one kit

Please refresh this page so you have the latest version of the instructions.

If you’ve got them both at the same time, do the inside first, and be very careful removing the main tank body off it’s hinge.

It’s YOUR Outlaw, and as such all stickers are optional.

The empty space at the base of Outlaw becomes a science lab with poison pod shell manufacturing facility with robotic loading arm, and houses Venom’s mask energiser charging rig, plus lockers and storage for their chemical weapons and dastardly plans.
The front cab becomes a ramped maintenance bay for ‘perimeter patrol’ vehicles like Iguana or Vampire. It’s equipped with a fuel pump, computers, and a chainsaw.
The kit creates a new R&R area with cocktail bar, stereo speakers, water feature and dartboard
Your new Outlaw sports several animal enclosures, including Pirahna pit in the floor, a box jellyfish tank, and scorpian and cobra vivariums.
Full redraw of original stickers and loads more

Ebay Link – Just INTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – Just EXTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Stickers – one kit

And so we begin.

Outlaw Internal Upgrade Kit

High quality pre-cut gloss stickers. 6 x A5 sticker sheets. Internal Upgrade kit for Outlaw (and BONUS Manta upgrade kit). Only Available here. Drawn by me! Includes:
1) BONUS MANTA Upgrade Kit
2) Internal stickers for Outlaw (detailed list below);

  • OUTLAW Ultimate Upgrade Label Internal Kit Label list
  • Top of roof (attack mode)
  • Runner lights
  • Cable detail for communications array
  • Upper Level Operations Platform
  • Complete redraw and update of upper level computer stations, both sides
  • New central console and reel-to-reel
  • Fireman’s escape pole
  • Lighting covers screwholes
  • VENOM decal for lower rear
  • New lower level
  • Right – Poison Pod Shell manufacturing facility and giant robotic loading arm. Cobra vivarium and venom extraction science lab with chair. When Outlaw is in vehicle mode the lab folds forward and the entire snake/lab platform would pivot on t’s hinge, keeping it horizontal
  • Left – Lockers (1 for each agent) Two drums of chemicals – these are the chemicals Venom used to solidify the water in the book/episode ‘Venice Menace’. Poison canister storage. Ladder for upper platform access. VENOM mask energiser charging rig
  • Lower level floor – dastardly plans, blueprints, treasure maps, Book of Power, magnifier, floodlight, mat to wipe those feet before you climb that ladder – safety first!
  • Poison Pod cannon
  • Circuit pattern detailing for large blue areas, hatched warning sections under pivot, detail for button, hinge and targeting scanner
  • Central Recess
  • Rear panel – Access ports to cannon rotating mechanism and computer systems
  • Left side panel – Scorpion vivarium and tea/coffee station
  • Right side panel – Jellyfish tank, medical supplies and chemical tanks
  • Front panel – computer systems
  • Floor – gym equipment, tools, Piranha tank and computer access
  • Forward recess
  • Rear panel – computer systems
  • Left panel – Bar seating
  • Right Panel – Bar seating with waterfall
  • Front Panel – Files, stereo speakers
  • Floor – Japanese cobbled mood garden with flowing water feature that cycles water for the piranha and jellyfish tanks
  • Rear of cab grapple turret – Dartboard with electronic scorer, drinks shelf and cigar/ashtray
  • Rear of Left side external computer terminal – Fully stocked bar with optics
  • Cab
  • New external armour plating with lighting and rotational side cannons and VENOM livery
  • Wheel for grappling reel
  • New console redraws of stations
  • Rear wall detailing with fire (or maiming) axe, stereo speakers, VENOM livery and new computer terminal
  • Hatched warning label for top of grapple cannon
  • Circuity detail for sides of grapple cannon
  • Targeting scanner for grappler cannon
  • External Searchlights
  • Inside forward cab in attack mode becomes maintenance bay/refuelling station for ‘perimeter patrol’ Iguana, Vampire or the Adventure Packs.
  • Cab roof – Bike and quad ramps and wheel chocks
  • Inside left – Maintenance computer and chainsaw
  • Inside right – Refuelling gas pump for smaller vehicles
  • Under grapple turret – Circuitry detailing and red stop lights
  • External Side Pods
  • Front of Left side external computer terminal – Redraw of original computer terminal
  • Four (one for each surface) handgun racks, side vehicle armaments/boosters and external lighting
  • Red detailing for ground-level radar antenna
  • Full redraw of original artwork for the external power box thing that plugs into the red hose

Requires an Outlaw toy (not included!). Photographed vehicle is the prototype, slight variants/improvements may have been made in some sticker sizes or shapes.

Ebay Link – Just INTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – Just EXTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Stickers – one kit

You’ll need to remove the operations platform shelf before applying the fireman’s pole, sticker 31.

Below – note sticker 10 goes under the cannon. This has maintenance hatches for the turret rotational mechanism and marries up with the tools on the floor. So sticker 6 has the piranha pit toward the front of the vehicle.

Error in the below image, only one dartboard sticker! Will fix this ASAP. Drop me a line if you notice any other errors in these instructions and I’ll fix them.

Sides of grappler cannon gets 2 x circuitry stickers

There are two VENOM decals remaining on a black background, and you can put these wherever you like. Maybe one under the grapple gun at the front of the cab?

And now the outside….

Outlaw External Upgrade Kit

High quality gloss stickers. 1 x A5 sticker sheet. Not precut, but big and easy to cut out. External Upgrade kit for Outlaw (and FREE Billboard Blast & Pit Stop catapult bonuses). Only Available here. Drawn by me! Includes:

1) External stickers for Outlaw;

  • Cab side panels
  • Snake oil tanker banner, both sides.
  • Rear lights.
  • Front and rear ‘Outlaw’ registration plates.
  • ‘How’s my driving?’ bumper sticker.
  • Four VENOM logo stickers (2 big & 2 small).
  • ‘Squished hedgehog/cyclist’ cab sticker.

2) FOUR unique & original internal panel consoles for your stock Billboard Blast to keep the agent inside amused and informed.

3) BONUS replacement ‘Snake Oil’ banner for your stock Pit Stop Catapult so they all match.

4) BONUS ‘A’ board Snake Oil sign. Stick on some thicker card like a cereal box. Fold the card first then wrap the sticker around it. Then trim.

Requires an Outlaw toy (not included!). No internal stickers provided unless you buy the full kit. Please note to keep costs down these external stickers are not die cut. You can cut them out with scissors although a scalpel and cutting board are recommended. Also recommend outlining cut stickers with black marker before peeling and applying.

Ebay Link – Just INTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – Just EXTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Stickers – one kit

No instructions for these, just check out the photos.

Snake Oil gang together, looking new.  New banner sticker on Pit Stop Catapault supplied with the Outlaw kit
Outlaw rear lights, reg plate at the top and ‘How’s my driving?’ stickers
Hedgehog/cyclist kill count sticker
New Outlaw sticker over faded and tatty old one
New Outlaw cab sticker over tatty and faded old one
Outlaw front reg plate
Snake Oil gang together
Custom Billboard Blast interior panel set, supplied with Outlaw kit (4 panels)
Custom Billboard Blast interior panel set, supplied with Outlaw kit (4 panels)

Ebay Link – Just INTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – Just EXTERNAL Stickers
Ebay Link – INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Stickers – one kit


Your Outlaw Internal kit comes with a free Manta Kit. Here’s the instructions. Tweezers recommended.

  • Complete redraw of all original stickers including numberplate
  • Rocket exhaust for ejection seat
  • Mini port and starboard running lights for aircraft mode (red left, green right)
  • Indicators
  •  2 x Mini 300ZX decals
  • Black stickers for bonnet vents
  • Dashboard – place through ejection hole
  • 3 mini boosters for rear rockets

Photographed vehicle is the prototype, slight variants/improvements may have been made in sticker size or shape.


Please note if you mess up I am unable to provide free replacements it will always try and help. The art and printing is professionally done but as a hobby project and I will only send out sheets I feel meet the standard your Boulder Hill deserves. I do have some spares though,  and if you contact me crying because you dropped your bar and dartboard into your fish tank I will try and help subject to you covering the postage. I’ll only supply spares to folk who’ve bought a full kit.

At this time the Manta upgrade kit is only available as a freebee with the Outlaw internal stickers.


Do you have suggestions for other kits I should make?

You can contact me by email, my facebook page, my Creature & Animal facebook page or the MASK facebook groups here or here or here if you have any questions or feedback. I’d love to know what you think!


This kit is unofficial, made by a fan for fans. I am not associated with Kenner, Mattel, Hasbro or anyone else!  Although if they were smart they’d offer me a job! 🙂