Condor Ultimate Upgrade Kit

I proudly present my new MASK Condor Ultimate Upgrade Kit to coincide with MASK’s 35th birthday.

Your first MASK toy? Me too! Everyone had a Condor and Brad has been whirling around our bedrooms ever since. You wouldn’t think a small vehicle like Condor would warrant an Ultimate Upgrade Kit, but it’s so iconic I thought I’d try. Whilst there aren’t loads, hopefully there are a couple of very special stickers here that’ll make you smile.

What you get –

  • 20+ Custom drawn, professionally printed and pre-cut stickers for your Condor to make it POP! Full coherent instructions on this page! 

This is a full, highly detailed complete redraw of the (three!) original Condor stickers plus a bunch of new ones, and optional MASK logo on green (toy) or black (cartoon) backgrounds.

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As with all my other kits, I’ve created placement instructions for the kit below. Have fun and thank you so much for buying my stickers and keeping MASK alive!

Please refresh this page to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions!


I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

First, remove the tired 30-year old stickers off your Condor and clean it up if you can. You can clean any residual goo off with Zippo lighter fuel.  If you decide to remove them later, they won’t damage the toy. 

Antimatter Storage Tank and ejection system – As we know Condor is equipped with a powerful antimatter weapon, which means that somewhere on the bike there must be an antimatter storage tank, possibly utilising a magnetic vacuum or containment field of some kind. This could potentially be a highly volatile piece of equipment and Brad has my huge respect for flying into battle with one so close to his trousers.
So it makes sense that in the event of emergency – for example being shot down – Brad should have the ability to jettison Condor’s antimatter storage pod and maximise his chance of surviving. We see Condor’s antimatter storage pod and ejection system here, tucked in beside the engine in front of her back wheel. Sticker 7.

Handlebars! You can’t pilot a motorbike with a joystick. Condor clearly has handlebars in the cartoon, so my solution is to have them fold away and retract up a runner when as part of Condor’s helicopter mode transformation. We see Condor’s handlebars folded up in defense mode position in the larger replacement dashboard sticker, 2. Remove Condor’s windscreen to place this one. (obviously!).

Ebay link

Link to this product in my own online store

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Thanks for supporting my MASK art and contribution to the MASK community!

Do you have suggestions for other kits I should make?

I’d love to know what you think of my MASK Condor stickers! You can contact me by email, my facebook page, or a MASK facebook group here if you have any questions or feedback. Visit my youtube channel! NEW – Follow me on instagram!

I welcome your feedback. If you think my instructions look like Lester wrote them, let me know and I’ll try and improve them.

PS If you’re from Hasbro you should really offer me a job doing this! 🙂