‘The Riddler’ Question Mark Cane

I decided to go to a fancy dress party as Batman’s ‘The Riddler.’

With a budget of nothing, I had to use some ingenuity to make his cane, a variant of which he is usually seen with. The result was  surprisingly effective and comfortable as a walking stick! I shall use it when I’m old and decrepit.

I used

  1. A polystyrene sphere
  2. Some black/silver/iridescent green paint
  3. Some pipe insulation
  4. Some cable ties
  5. A bit of old pipe
  6. Some time, mainly hammering the bit of old pipe into roughly the right shape!
Polystyrene sphere
Bit of old pipe, hammered into a cane shape for my height and painted black
Cable-tying pipe insulation around an existing walking stick for the ‘hook’ part
Ease the shaped insulation over my pipe, and sphere cut in half
Ready for painting
Spray painted!
Look out! A baddy! The stick part was painted again with black and an iridescent green modelling paint.