Stinger Ultimate Upgrade Kit

A must-have stalwart of any fan collection and one of the most recognisable toys in the line, MASK Stinger / Scorpion is Bruno Sheppard’s tough Pontiac GTO that turns into a frikkin’ tank! How awesome is that?

So whether your old MASK Stinger is just looking a bit tired, or you want to clean the dust out of it without killing the decals on it these are the stickers for you!

What you get –

  • 18 all new Custom drawn, professionally printed and pre-cut stickers for your Stinger to make it POP! Full coherent instructions on this page! 

So Stinger (as it shall henceforth be named on this site) wasn’t really crying out for an Ultimate Upgrade since it isn’t a decal-heavy toy. But I was contacted by a fan in Kentucky (Hi Chris!) who had gotten an old one, washed it, and lost the dashboard sticker. A sticker that wasn’t on the original sticker sheet, and was pre-stuck on purchase. This sparked my interest and since I wanted to help him out I researched the vehicle and took a look at mine.

So below is what I’ve come up with. You’re going to get a new, bigger number plate for the back, a choice of the original (incorrect) rectangular headlights OR four circular ones to look more like the actual GTO’s, new grill with GTO emblem, new lights, new dashboard, glovebox and armrest control stickers, some tiny GTO decals for the bodywork and a larger sticker to go under the claw in the boot/trunk with a host of kidnapping equipment – as according to, Bruno’s main occupation is kidnapper! Ha Ha! So in the boot Bruno has and axe, a bag to put over someone’s head, a coil of rope, some duct tape and roll of bin liners, a can of gasoline and a box with a live Scorpion in it – presumably on it’s way to Outlaw’s zoology department and poison manufacturing facility!

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As with all my other kits, I’ve created placement instructions for the kit below. Have fun and thank you so much for buying my stickers and keeping MASK alive!

Please refresh this page to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions!


I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers. Photographed vehicle is the prototype, some small changes might be made to improve size/shape.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

First, remove the tired 30-year old stickers off your MASK Stinger and clean it up if you can. Use your wife’s toothbrush to get into the footwells etc. You can clean any residual goo off with Zippo lighter fuel.  If you decide to remove the stickers later, they won’t damage the toy. This is the smallest kit I’ve made, so I haven’t bothered numbering them – hopefully you can work it out from the pics!

So first up is the front end, use tweezers especially for the circular inset lights at the bottom, and try to ensure they’re orientated the same way or it’ll look weird. Then choose your headlights!

These are tiny tiny stickers guys! Use tweezers!

The rear plate is a fraction of a mm too deep. When you push it in, use something blunt like your nail, not something sharp that will scratch the sticker, like me!

Everything a professional kidnapper could want

Optional Venom stickers for the sides, and GTO badges both both sides and the boot/trunk

Now because these are very small there is an annoying white outline which you may or may not get on some stickers. Outlining with a black (or orange for the GTO badges, or purple for the dash stickers) felt tip or whiteboard marker then quickly rubbing off the excess makes a big difference, demonstrated below. I haven’t done that in any of the photographs on this website as it’s important to show you what you get, and here I show you below how easy it is to remedy.

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Link to this product in my own online store 

Thanks for checking out my stickers! Hope you had fun!


Do you have suggestions for other kits I should make?

I’d love to know what you think of my MASK Stinger Ultimate Upgrade Stickers! You can contact me by email, my facebook page, or a MASK facebook group here if you have any questions or feedback. Visit my youtube channel! NEW – Follow me on instagram!


This kit is unofficial, made by a fan for fans. I am not associated with Kenner, Hasbro or anyone else!  Although if they were smart they’d offer me a job! 🙂