Slingshot Ultimate Upgrade Stickers

I proudly present my new MASK Slingshot Ultimate Upgrade Kit to coincide with MASK’s 35th birthday.

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MASK M.A.S.K. Kenner Slingshot Ultimate Upgrade Stickers Label Decal Kit
Slingshot Ultimate Upgrade Kit

An understated toy, and somewhat underrepresented in the cartoon as she only appears in 3 episodes, Slingshot showed us what the Split Seconds could of been by splitting into two distinct and awesome vehicles.

Comfortably seating three agents in defence mode but only supplied with Ace, I took the view that Slingshot is a surveillance vehicle sent off on potentially long recon missions and its wide open dish shape being reminiscent of a satellite dish, that she would be a kind of information and transmission hub and relay station for MASK.

She also has ‘spy-in-the-sky’ capability, so a brilliant design. There’s something about the way she just glides across the table too, right? The engineering in this toy is impressive too, so just kudos to Kenner on an awesome toy.
This one was a lot of work but great fun, as Slingshot presented some great opportunities to upgrade what were some quite large and ropey-looking stickers.
I hope I’ve done her proud.

What you get –

  • 70+ Custom drawn, professionally printed and pre-cut stickers for your Slingshot to make it POP! Full coherent instructions on this page! 

This is a full, highly detailed complete redraw of the original Slingshot stickers plus a bunch of new ones. We fix longstanding problems like the interior windows and doors, add some new mapping technologies as Slingshot is a surveillance vehicle, and add vertical takeoff and landing turbines to the plane’s wings to offer Ace some flight manoeuvrability and allow him to land safely back on the pad. But don’t worry, purists! Those turbines are optional, so if you think that idea sucks this kit comes with regular wing stickers for those of you who’d prefer to stick with a stock look for your aircraft.

Slingshot stickers in my webshop (cheaper than ebay!)

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As with all my kits, I’ve created placement instructions for the kit below. Have fun and thank you so much for buying my stickers and keeping MASK alive!

Please refresh this page to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions!


I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

First, remove the tired 30-year old stickers off your Slingshot and clean it up if you can. You can clean any residual goo off with Zippo lighter fuel.  If you decide to remove the stickers later, they won’t damage the toy. 

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Thanks for supporting my MASK art and contribution to the MASK community!

I welcome your feedback. If you think my instructions look like Lester wrote them, let me know and I’ll try and improve them.

I’d love to know what you think of my MASK Slingshot Ultimate Upgrade Kit! You can contact me by email, my facebook page, or a MASK facebook group here if you have any questions or feedback. Visit my youtube channel! NEW – Follow me on instagram!

PS If you’re from Hasbro you should really offer me a job doing this! 🙂