Razorback Ultimate Upgrade Kit

Razorback Ultimate Upgrade kit – New stickers for Razorback! High quality pre-cut gloss stickers. Only Available here. Brad Turner’s rugged Ford Thunderbird Stock car gets the Ultimate Upgrade treatment! Complete vector redraw of all original Razorback stickers – plus new ones!

  • You get – Brand new better-fitting redraws of the original Razorback sticker sheet PLUS new tech detail, rear indicators, rear lights, rear spoiler detail with sponsor logos, tail detail with personalised Florida registration plate, a sticker of the plant Brad rescues in the episode ‘Race Against Time’, rescue tank medical equipment sticker, two new circular ‘turrets for the ‘wing guns’ to simulate the look of them in the cartoon, and 4 x suspension details to go in the wheel arches. Your Razorback will look awesome! The best stickers for Razorback, ever!

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I also (always) recommend tweezers for some of the tiny, fiddly stickers.

Also, take your time! This is a fun hobby project for serious MASK fans!

The tail first! I decided to give Razorback a Florida number plate, the home of Daytona!

Razorback is billed as a ‘Rescue Tank’ so there are limited medical facilities ready to use in the rear compartment for any injured agents Brad picks up. Plant is seen in the episode ‘Race Against Time’

These stickers are intended to represent the turrets we see on Razorback’s sand-blast cannons in the cartoon.

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Link to this product in my own online store

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I hope you like my Razorback Ultimate Upgrade kit! Thanks for supporting my MASK art!

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