MASK Diorama Decorator

Kenner MASK sponsors and logos stickers! A selection of MASK-sized logos and sponsors I’ve collected and recreated on my Ultimate Upgrade Sticker journey!

What you get with the Diorama Decorator kit–

  • 2 x Large Square Valvoline, 2 x Cragar, 2 x STP, 2 x Small Square Fram, 2 x Kendall variant 2, 2 x Escort,
    2 x large Penzoil, 2 x Simpson, 2 x Gumout, 1 x mini Boulder Hill Gas sign type, 1 x mini Boulder Hill Gas sign type cartoon accurate, 1 x mini Snake Oil Billboard style, 1 x mini Snake Oil Pit Stop style, 1 x Mini Boulder Hill Gas Pit Stop Style, 1 x Brad Turner in Concert Poster, 1 x Straitjacket Productions,
    1 x

Also included is the Afterburner Ultimate Upgrade kit–

  • 1 x MASK for front gantry under spoiler, 1 x MASK helmet logo for the spotter plane,
    2 x Kendall variant 1, 4 x Amalie, 4 x small square Valvoline, 2 x long horizontal Valvoline,
    2 x Gumout, 2 x mini Penzoil, 2 x large Fram

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No instructions for the Diorama Decorator because they are literally for you put on your vehicles, props & backgrounds as you please! You can head to my Afterburner page to check out the instructions and suggested placements for those logos too!

Thanks for checking out my Kenner MASK sponsors and logos stickers!