Boulder Hill Gas Station Ultimate Upgrade Project

MASK Boulder Hill Gas Station Ultimate Upgrade Stickers

Back by popular demand!

“I have to tell you that you’re just brilliant! I just finished placing all of the Boulder Hill sticker upgrades and the set looks AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for creating these stickers. My set from the 1980s…was nothing compared to how great you’ve made this playset look! Have an incredible day! Just wanted you to know!”
Dan in Canada – very much likes my sticker set, via Ebay

Full instructions below!

After thirty long years the oft-neglected MASK headquarters Boulder Hill Gas Station gets a massive 4 and a third x A4 sheet professionally drawn and printed glossy sticker pack to completely bring it to life and do it justice, the way it always should’ve looked!

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NEW – This product in my online store on this website!

Incredible artwork on this epic Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kit

This is a full replacement and upgrade set, I’ve redrawn every original sticker and added loads more in pin-sharp quality and beautiful bright colours, adding enough in-jokes and fan service to make even Vanessa blush. Inside and out, and in either mode, your Boulder Hill is completely transformed, whist remaining true to the original exterior 80’s design. You’re going to love it!

What you get –

  • 100+ Custom drawn, professionally printed and pre-cut gloss stickers for your Boulder Hill to make it POP! Full coherent instructions on this page! (scroll down)
  • Free Volcano upgrade complete Kit
  • Free Gator tail light detail sticker

So do you want an Energy Room?   The tube shuttle to Trakker mansion? Read on to find how you can have it all!

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NEW – This product in my online store on this website!

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Before you start:

You will need:

  1. One of my Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kits
  2. A clean, dry, Boulder Hill playset.
  3. A small, fine file or sandpaper- there are a couple of spots of plastic burr on the toy you’ll want to smooth off before placing a couple of the stickers.
  5. A sponge or squeedgee to smooth off the larger stickers.
  6. Tweezers. These are a must. This is a precision set!
  7. To read this entire page, including the notes between the photos.

Ok, you’ll need to completely dismantle your Boulder Hill for this. I suggest cleaning it too. The only bit you need to be concerned about getting wet is the spring in the mountain gun mechanism. My existing stickers have completely had it, all sun-damaged and bubbled etc and I’m pleased to say they peeled off really easily. If you get gum residue try a little lighter fluid to clean it off. My grey ‘swing bit’ armour and the white pump bases were really yellowed too, so I’ve applied some hydrogen peroxide hair cream to them and left them in the sun for a few days and I’m pleased to see they’ve come out way lighter, although a little streaked. Still an improvement after 30 years of grime! You do NOT need to split the white pumps in half for this.

Are you ready?

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NEW – This product in my online store on this website!

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Full instructions:

To make this as user friendly as possible I’ve numbered the stickers into groups. Apply the stickers as below! Some obvious stickers, like the garage door, aren’t numbered, and some similar stickers are numbered into groups. In all cases the sticker is NEAR the number on the sheet. Some stickers may need trimming just a bit, ie, (83), below, the MASK logo for the sign, which may have a bit of white at the top. I left mine on.

Here goes!

Ensure you get the big hidden ‘H’ of the helipad the right way round!

And now finally a chance to see the tower sign (sort of) as it appeared in the cartoon! Even if it is on the back. You’ll know it’s there!

Below – small burr in the centre of where sticker (61) goes, sand it down a bit first.

Note the Boulder Release and retrieval controls! File down the burr on the plastic before placing sticker (49), the Boulder launch and retrieval mechanism!

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NEW – This product in my online store on this website!

Youtube video here!

Hey look! It’s Mrs Simpson’s annoying little dog, Cleopatra! (from the episode ‘Fog on Boulder Hill’!)

Not photographed – place sticker 17 on the swing bit armour, on top of the circular handle.

The marks on the map represent places the MASK team visited in the 7 paperback novels (with the hologram on the covers). With the exception of ‘The Plunder of Glow Worm Grotto!’ Apologies to anyone in New Zealand!

Note the ‘Book of Power!’ on 69!

Not photographed – If you can find it (!) Sticker 20 is to go on the gun tip that pokes out from under the roof and knocks down the shop frontage.

MASK Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade Stickers 38 – Green vidscreen may need trimming, 1mm from top or bottom.

T-Bob self-destruct button on the bottom shelf!

Be extra careful with the large perspective ‘underground ramp’ image, getting the near edge flush against the ridge on the baseplate. Smooth it out with a sponge. There’s a new manhole to cover the strange flat circular bit in front of the shop, there might be a little burr in the centre you’ll need to sand down a tad to get the sticker flat.

Volcano Upgrade Kit! FREE supplied with Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade Kit!

The rest of the stickers you can do what you want with, there are a couple of logos and a spare pair of Volcano headlights for example.

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NEW – This product in my online store on this website!

Youtube video here!

Pros – This kit won’t damage the toy – no painting required – and takes up no extra space so your missus won’t mind!

Con – You won’t be able to decide which way round – or which mode – to display your Boulder Hill in!

A special thankyou to Mark Jennens who contacted me and suggested I do this.


Please note if you mess up I am unable to provide free replacements it will always try and help. The art and printing is professionally done but as a hobby project and I will only send out sheets I feel meet the standard your Boulder Hill deserves. I do have some spares though,  and if you contact me crying because your dog swallowed your Energy Room I will try and help subject to you covering the postage. I’ll only supply spares to folk who’ve bought a full kit.

Also, sorry no, you can’t just buy the Volcano kit on it’s own, they’re integrated as a freebee with the Boulder Hill kit. Mainly because my Volcano was looking very drab beforehand having been left out in the rain about 20 years ago, and I had a little space – and why not? 🙂 As of Spring 2021 the Gator tail detail is now also available with my custom Gator kit – check it out! 


Do you have suggestions for other kits I should make?

I’d love to know what you think of my MASK Boulder Hill Ultimate Upgrade Stickers! You can contact me by email, my facebook page, or a MASK facebook group here if you have any questions or feedback. Visit my youtube channel! Follow me on instagram!


This kit is unofficial, made by a fan for fans. I am not associated with Kenner, Mattel, Hasbro or anyone else!  Although if they were smart they’d offer me a job! 🙂