Wedding and Commemorative


Click here to check out the page for our Doctor Who themed place cards and favour boxes!

We can arrange all manner of stationery and table decorations for weddings and commemorative events, from save-the-dates through favours to thank-you cards and everything in between. From simple and classic quality white or cream board to intricate, personalised designs on bright colours and table decorations, we’re happy to provide no-obligation quotes on any and all of the above. Below is a selection of stationery and favour boxes from a recent wedding show we attended, although  this shows just a fraction of the range we can provide.

Personalised ‘Save the Date’s’

My little date character is in trouble and needs your help! Magnetic cards for your friend’s fridges with colour coordinated calendar showing when your special day is. I’m also happy to draw the date in any dangerous situation you can think of, perhaps suited to your own occupation or hobbies.  Also below, personalised tic tacs with your names and colour scheme. We’re happy to produce these for any sweet, just let me know your suggestions!

Handmade cards and off-the peg solutions available in any colour and size (within reason!)

We love these two-tone boxes which are available in virtually any colour. Below are a selection we’ve decorated, and we’re happy to provide them filled, finished and delivered prior to your event or flat-packed upfront with everything you need to decorate them yourself.  Contact us for a quote!

There are plenty of other shapes available in a multitude of colours…

Textured card. Also available in a large range of shapes, this popular range is high quality and pleasing to the touch.

Ever-popular filigree selection.

Place cards…

Table numbers and decorative crystals…

Favour seeds! With peronalised label and message.

Table decorations – I made this one featuring our logo out of glittercard, and it’s pretty spectacular and intricate. Can I design you a bespoke centerpeice for your event?

Alcohol favours – we can get you these and create a nice personalised label – please check if your chosen venue charges corkage though (most don’t for favours).

Interested in having Riverglade exhibit at your venue or event? By all means get in touch.

Bespoke Portraiture 

I’m also a cartoonist, and below are what I call ‘bespoke digital portraits’. Contact me for prices.

Sandra & Valentin

I was commissioned to produce a unique image to commemorate this happy couple’s wedding in Macedonia.  Fortunately the commissionee provided photos of them in their wedding clothes upfront so I was able to draw the picture of them together so it could be presented to them as a gift on their special day. The crowns in the emblem are Macedonian wedding crowns, which we decided to put there rather than on their heads as they would’ve worn at the ceremony. I asked about their personalities and settled on a pose with the commissionee.

I don’t know them personally, but I’m informed they absolutely loved it. Because it’s a vector, I can produce this sort of thing at any scale, so they got an A2 print. I can also (with notice) arrange favours, invites, and any kind of stationery. As such this kind of drawing can go down very well on ‘Thankyou’ cards.


Katy & Ivan

This one comes with kids!

Lance & Emma 

This beautiful couple were perfect for my next portrait. Of course I can draw you wearing or doing anything you want!

Personalised Mirror Plaques

Personalised for the individual and featuring things special to them (such as their pets), making it a really cracking, lasting, gift.

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