The Official Guide to HETAS Approved Products & Services (2013-2016)

2013 – The annually produced Official HETAS Guide to Approved Products & Services contains listings of  approved appliances, ancillary equipment and products for use with biomass, wood and solid mineral fuels.  The Guide is a very important document for the designer, retailer, installer, maintainer or user of appliances and systems using solid fuel as a heat source, including architects and LABC bodies. I was brought in to redesign and transform the document into a user-friendly and full colour directory incorporating logos, images and photographs for the first time since its conception.

2014 – Following on from the success of last year’s new-look full-colour Guide, I’ve been working really hard this year to polish this whopping 300-page document and fully populate with manufacturer logos & product images as well as selling advertising space, developing an Index, creating all the HETAS adverts and giving the overall design an update. Released early March 2014, 10,500 copies printed and distributed across the industry.

The 2015 HETAS Guide, Released Feburary 2015, 10,500 copies printed and distributed across the industry. 1000+ approved appliances, working with biomass fuel producers, chimney manufacturers and ancillary equipment with industry partners such as CogDem. My job again was to lay out the entire document in collaboration with the HETAS Technical Teams and maintain a fully interactive PDF available as a free download on the HETAS website.


The 2016 HETAS Guide, Released Feburary 2016, 10,500 copies printed and distributed across the industry.  This year alongside a full design and colour revamp and the addition of more product details I designed and implemented a series of 21 icons to make understanding the appliance features in the listings more accessible than the previous text commentary.


To find out more about the UK Solid fuel Industry and HETAS, please visit their website