Ecto 2 Ultimate Upgrade Kit


Ecto 2 Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kit

High quality pre-cut gloss stickers. Upgrade stickers for Kenner Ghostbusters Ecto 2. Only Available here.

Complete remeasure and digital redraw of all original stickers plus new ones!
You get: Better wing stickers without the weird extra wheel, ‘Ready to Believe’ LED sign, new control panel for between the handlebars, new flight attitude boosters, replacement GB logos for inside and outside the wings, mini GB logos for the hubcaps, and new black and yellow warning stripes for the inside of the wings, seat, rooflights and under the rotor. Ecto 2 never looked so good!

These stickers are commercially printed on the same high-quality sticker paper as all my other stickers and should last as long as any of the originals, and they won’t damage the toy if you decide to remove them later.

Why not check out my other Ultimate Upgrade kits for MASK and Thundercats? Yes, I combine postage!

Placement instructions can be found on this website, details of which are included in the pack.

This is a sticker kit only and requires a Ghostbusters Ecto 2 toy, not included!

Thanks so much for checking out my stickers!

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