Goliath Door Cards Only


Goliath Door Cards only

High quality pre-cut gloss stickers. Interior door cards for the Goliath 2 truck Only Available here.

These stickers are now bundledwith both my Goliath Ultimate Upgrade kits (regular sticker paper and chrome, so check them out!) and I thought I’d make them availiable to buy seperately as well. These stickers go inside the Goliath truck. No need to dismantle it or anything. Tasteful updates to improve an already cool toy.

Why not check out my other Ultiamate Upgrade sticker kits for MASK, Thundercats and Ghostbusters!? Yes, I combine postage!

Placement instructions can be found on this website on either of my Goliath pages, details of which are included in the pack.

Goliath Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kit

Goliath Ultimate Upgrade Sticker Kit – Chromium Edition

This is a sticker kit only and requires a MASK Goliath. toy, not included!

Thanks so much for checking out my stickers!

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